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OCS "Track Talk" Feature


OCS "Track Talk" March 7, 2021

In this edition of OCS Track Talk, our first of 2021, we will be featuring the driver of the #5 Charger car, Chris Gray. If you’ve been around the track in any capacity over the last ten years or so, you know the Gray family and their love of Orange County Speedway. We look forward to having Gray Racing back with us again in 2021! Please see the full text of the Q&A with Chris below:

1. When and how did you get your start in racing?

My brother Jake and I started racing in 2008 in the Street Stock division at Caraway Speedway. I got into racing through my Dad and Grandfather. Grandpa owned the orange #17 modified car that Tim Dwiggins drove at Bowman Gray Stadium and other short tracks locally in the early to mid 80s and from that my Dad (Owen Gray) got into racing Enduros, Street Stocks and then eventually Late Models. My brother and I were always around the shop and naturally took an interest and eventually got behind the wheel of the Street Stock car that my uncle built.

2. How long have you been racing at OCS?

I started at OCS in 2010 in the Street Stock division and then eventually moved to running Limited Sportsman at OCS in 2014. So, all in all I’ve been racing at OCS in some capacity for over 10 years.

3. What is your fondest memory at OCS, either as a competitor or as a fan?

My fondest memory has to be my one and only feature win (so far, hope to change that this season) in the Limited Sportsman division in 2014. That is something I will never forget; it was such an awesome feeling and we had pretty much the whole family there to celebrate with and to be in the victory lane pictures.

4. What are your plans for the 2021 season?

For 2021 I am planning on running in the Charger division again, we’re not planning on running all the races but will probably hit the majority of them. We had some really good runs in the couple races that OCS had last year so we have some pretty high expectations for 2021.

5. What sponsors and crew members do you need to thank for helping you get to the track each race?

We are a small team, but I would first have to say thanks to my brother Jake, we have been running around together doing this stuff since we were kids and have had so much doing it. Jake has become an awesome crew chief and the #5 car would not be able to get to the track without him. My Dad and cousin Bobby are also huge parts of the team when it comes to handling week to week maintenance on the car and just getting everything ready to go the track each race. Our biggest sponsor by far is CCI Racing, we have had a long relationship with Sonny Ingram and his sons at CCI and we are very happy with cars and parts we get from those guys. Two other people that really need to get recognized are my wife Ashley and Jake’s wife Kaitlyn, they have always been there supporting us in our racing efforts (even though they probably wish we’d find another way to spend our free time…..hahaha)

6. What do you enjoy most about racing in the OCS Charger division?

The Charger division is such a blast to race in for many reasons but the biggest one is the group of guys we race with; these guys are all hardworking people that just like going out there and racing hard on the weekends. Another reason I enjoy the Charger cars is that the combination of the rules package and the layout of OCS really makes for some good hard racing.

7. If you could race in any style car at any track in the world, what would it be?

I’ve always wanted to drive a straight rail Super Late Model at OCS or a Modified at Martinsville.

8. What is the biggest racing accomplishment so far in your career?

I’d have to go back to the 2014 season when we won one race, won rookie of the year, and almost won the points championship. That was the most success we’ve had in one year.

9. What are your goals for the 2021 season?

To have some fun and add to our trophy collection. I’ve never won a pole in the big car so it would be cool to win a pole and hopefully win a race or two.

10. What is something fun or unique (outside of racing) that you’d like the fans to know about you?

I work for a company that designs, fabricates, and assembles industrial grade LCD monitors and computers. I’ve designed products for many interesting applications like military, automation and the oil / gas industry.

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